Designer Diaper Bags

HAPP Brand designs modern, fashion-forward diaper bags for the new generation of style-conscious women. Inspired by today’s chic, multi-tasking women, our brand is built from the concept that mamas today no longer wish to compromise their identities while embracing their roles as mothers.

When Fashion Meets Function

All our designer diaper bags are handcrafted from premium materials, paying attention to even the littlest details in our designs. With a minimum of 9 pockets in every bag, there’s a place for everything.

Light as Air

Our signature water-resistant Herringbone Nylon is incredibly lightweight, yet maintains the structure due to our innovative quilting that keeps everything under 1.9 lbs.


“This bag is so hot, you don't even need to have a baby to own it.” — Popsugar


Stay Instagram-ready with diaper bags that look like designer purses. Shop our collection now!