Pretty in Pink

Light as Air

When Fashion Meets Function

All our bags are handcrafted from premium materials, paying attention to even the littlest details in our designs. With a minimum of 9 pockets in every bag, there’s a place for everything.

New Color,       New Compact Size

A compact version of our original iconic hobo, scaled for everyday use and available in our newest color, Taupe Herringbone.


“There's a new generation of women who want it all: a career, a social and family life, all without compromising their identities. We're here to tell them that it's not only possible, but perfectly attainable.”

-Leah, Founder & Designer

Herringbone Collection

Print Collection

Interview with Renée Hall

Model and jetsetter Renée travels all over the world while raising her son Levi as a single mother.

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