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Model and jetsetter Renée spends her time between New York, Paris, Los Angeles and Nashville while raising her son Levi as a single mother.

Name: Renée Blythewood Hall

Children: Levi, 9

A few words that best describe you.
Creative, free-spirited, trustworthy.

How would you describe your personal style?
Feminine and fun, but I also like to keep some edge. Just because you’re a mom, it’s still important to feel your best. Even if it’s just putting on a pretty dress, it allows me to have more self-confidence and go about my day better.

How long have you been working in fashion?
I started modeling at age 10 in entertainment and fashion. I’ve always loved acting, I started when I was a kid and had roles on Disney and Nickelodeon, I loved it! For fashion, a big part of modeling is having knowledge of designers and brands and knowing how to dress your body, which I am very passionate about.

What’s your go-to color right now?
Everyone looks good in black, but I also really love burgundy, mauve and greens. 

How do you find a balance between work and family?
Since we live in so many different cities, time management is everything. I always make sure the most important thing is that Levi is well-cared for and that he adjusts well. When I make sure we make choices based off these priorities, everything comes together.

Where is your favorite place to be out of all the cities?
We are in NYC full-time right now, but I love Paris, it's such a beautiful, romantic city and always an adventure. We also live in Nashville because it’s home and will always have a special place in our heart, but Paris is probably where I like to spend most of my time.

What do you look for in a bag when you’re traveling?
The Anna Hobo is perfect for travel, since I need it to be easygoing, lightweight, with a lot of pockets, love that.❤️ Has to be able to open and close easily, because when things are falling out and open all the time, it’s a disaster when you’re traveling. Being able to have a bag that is fashionable and also functions practically is difficult to find, but I find both are equally important, especially for a mom.

As a busy mom on the go, what don’t you leave home without
La Mer The Lip Balm, Glossier tinted moisturizer, iPad for Levi.

Whats your go-to family recipe?
Pasta! Levi loves homemade pasta, we make this amazing stuffed truffle tortellini together, it’s a family recipe.

What are some favorite places to go with Levi in NYC?
We love Rosemaries, ABC kitchen, Clover, we’re brunch people, we like to brunch! And Locanda Verde, amazing Italian food. We love to go to museums, The Whitney, MOMA, and Broadway shows, Matilda, Lion King, they’re always fun. One of our favorites to go is Central Park, we hang out, picnic, then walk around the city.

What advice can you give other moms looking for the same kind of relationship with their kids?
Carefree timelessness. It’s easy to get distracted in a place like New York where everything’s on-the-go, then you add technology in the mix, which can really take away from the moment. Being able to put your phone away and be present with them in the moment, spending time together without an agenda, I believe that is truly invaluable. Time is precious and always gets away from us, but when I slow down and simply enjoy his company, I’m able to recognize his areas of creativity and passion, boost his confidence, and make sure he feels loved. Levi loves tech stuff and he’s really smart with math, so I’ll encourage his interests, whatever they may be. It’s easy to get caught up with all the distractions, but don’t let your busy-ness detract from what’s right in front of you and lose your sense of intimacy.

What’s the best piece of motherhood advice you've ever received?
Let it be. There are going to be nights when you first have your newborn and people are going to tell you so many different things, like get on a nursing schedule and eating schedule and you feel like you’re listening to everyone around you. But just listen to your motherly intuition, if your baby wants to sleep, let them sleep. If your baby wants to be awake, let them be awake. If you want to nurse for a year, or two years or you don’t want to nurse at all, just do what’s right for you so that you can be the best mom you can be while staying true to yourself. By taking care of yourself, you will feel whole and flourish as a mother. Your child will feed off of that and then in turn you’re able to care for them well. Just let things be and don’t forget to take care of yourself.

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