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Utah-based new mom Kelly shares her passion for yoga and why she plans to raise her daughter with a plant-based diet.

Kelly Packer Nielson

Senna Basil 🌿 she will be 1 on August 17th! 

A few words that best describe you: 
Optimistic, open, calm and enthusiastic :) 

How would you describe your personal style?
Comfy casual boho glam 💁🏼

Favorite color at the moment:
Dusty rose of course!! 

How did you pick the name for your daughter?
I always loved the name Sienna and I loved Cinna from the Hunger Games. Then I met a gal reading a book and the authors name was Senna and I knew that was meant to be my daughter's name✨

What's your favorite thing about living in Utah? 
My favorite part about Utah is the summers! I looove Salt Lake in the summer. It is so beautiful and warm and it makes the long winters bearable. 

How do you like raising Senna in Utah?
It has been great so far. There is so much to do and great coffee shops and restaurants. My daughter is only 1 but I love the active lifestyle and community here in Sugarhouse :)

How long have you been practicing yoga for how does yoga help your mommy lifestyle?
I have been practicing yoga for about 5 years:) Yoga has been such a blessing in my life. To help me connect my mind, body and spirit. There is nothing like arriving on your mat everyday and connecting and finding the life force within. Such a perfect opportunity to get grounded, find your center and set intentions. Especially as a mother, I feel it is vital to take these sacred moments to take care and nurture the divine self so when you go back to your role as mama you go back being the best version of yourself. ✨ 

How do you use the Levy Backpack as a mom for your active lifestyle?
I use the Levy for everything! It's my go-to everyday bag. I love it because it's big enough that I can carry extra clothes for me and Senna so I'm always prepared for any activity that comes our way! I also wear Senna in a wrap A LOT so being able to wear it as a backpack is sooo convenient and my hands are free. 

What are some favorite products you carry with you at all times?
Tarte matte lipstick in "Pillowtalk", "Balance" essential oil by doTerra and a lavender/coconut oil roller for Senna. I always have Honest hand sanitizer spray in my bag. Oh and 365 stevia powder. You never know when you are going to want something sweet! ;)

You recently started a vlog, what do you hope to share with the world?  
I am hoping to share all things health, wellness and motherhood! I got very sick years ago with candida overgrowth and it has been a long journey back to health. I hope to share that journey and how I truly healed myself with food.  I have had to get creative in the kitchen and I love creating recipes that are delicious yet vegan, gluten and sugar free too! You can truly have both worlds :) I want to share how I plan on raising my daughter plant based, my love for healing and spirituality, and our little growing family navigating the road through Medical School. My husband will be starting next fall🙏🏼

Why do you prefer to raise your daughter with a plant-based diet?
Besides the incredible health benefits of a whole food plant-based diet (I feel more energized and all-around better than I ever felt in my entire life!) I feel so passionately that animals are here to be enjoyed WITH us, not FOR us. I believe we all have an innate compassion and love for animals, especially children, and I want to live in that vibration where we can coexist with no suffering and do the least amount of harm as possible. I am so excited to raise my daughter on abundant plant foods that will nourish her mind, body and spirit! 

What's your go-to family recipe?
My Raw Banana Bread Bites!!! Sooo addicting. 

What's the best piece of motherhood advice you've received?
Your children will teach you more about yourself than you will ever teach them. Your job is to give them space to be themselves and nurture and love them along the way.


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