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Elizabeth, fashion blogger of Excessories Expert and mother of two raising her girls in NYC, shares her beauty hacks and what she never leaves home without. 

Juliet, 2 and Stella, 4 

A few words that best describe you.
Witty, sparkly, and a tad high strung 

How would you describe your personal style?
I love glamour. Even when I am very casual I always bring an element of glamour with my accessories. I'm from Texas and I was raised to value putting time into beauty.  I wouldn't say my look is effortless by any means, but I don't work too terribly hard. I'm a mom so it has to be easy even when it doesn't look easy.

Why do they call you the “excessories" expert?
My mantra has always been more-is-more. I get great pleasure out of taking over-the-top pieces and incorporating them into my everyday life. I love imagining how I would take the more impractical trends I see on the runway and translate them into my real life as a working mom in NYC.

We love your unique over-the-top style. How do you coordinate pieces of all colors and patterns so cohesively?
It's a lot of trial and error, but I really enjoy fashion and the art of putting together an original outfit. My goal is to invent a look that is completely unique and outside the box, but still flattering. If every piece is aggressive, then the eye doesn't know where to look. My general rule is that if 2 or more pieces make a statement, then there has to be a cohesive element, whether it comes from the patterns or the color palette. I'm always pushing myself not to go with the obvious or safe choice.

As a busy mom on-the-go, what don’t you leave home without?
These days, I count on eyewear as a go-to accessory. I need to hide or distract from my tired eyes and I don't have too much time to cover them with make up in the mornings! I'm thrilled that opticals have made a return to the fashion scene! Thanks, Gucci!

What are some things we can find in your bag right now?
My Mophie juice pack, Erickson Beamon jewelry (I always need extra jewels--in case a good accessories photo op presents itself!), Laura Geller lipstick, a fine-tooth comb, and like 15 DumDum's I use to bribe my daughters.

How does the Paige Carryall work for you and your needs?
The Paige Carryall is fashion meets function, which is a necessity for me as a mama-on-the-go who isn't willing to sacrifice style! The dusty rose color is chic and unique--it's neutral, but far from black, and definitely not your average pink. This bag is amazingly lightweight and perfect for travel: anything that simplifies my life when I'm traveling alone with my girls, which I often do, is welcomed! My bags tend to be bottomless pits, so I love how wide it opens so I can see all my stuff. There are also two secret pockets in the back that are perfect to keep mommy and baby essentials (like my phone that I somehow can't ever keep track of) easily accessible.

What’s your go-to family recipe?
I make a mean brown sugar meatloaf. It goes really well with mashed sweet potatoes! 

What’s a great restaurant in New York that Stella and Juliet also love?
We love to go to Alice's Tea Cup! It's a magical place for little girls. They sprinkle them with "pixie dust" and give them crayons to color with and they have a kids menu that even has healthy options like apple slices on it! I reserve outings there for very special treats.

What do you love most about living in New York?
I love the constant hustle-bustle the city provides, but I love even more how accessible everything is. There is so much culture right at our fingertips. It's amazing to be able to raise our children walking distance from some of the best museums in the world! We're living in the heart of everything! There's so much to go and do and see at every day and every hour. I pinch myself that I get this chance.

What’s the best piece of motherhood advice you’ve received?
My mom told me that to be more of a mom, you have to be more than a mom. It's so important to continue to take care of ourselves and our own wants and needs. Nobody is going to do it for us, so we have to make it a priority. Whether we have a career or not, it's critical to hang onto our identities as the women we were before the babies and to continue to cultivate our passions and follow our dreams. It sets a wonderful example for our children!

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