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Dileiny, mother of two and style blogger of Love, Fashion & Friends, tells us the most exciting part about motherhood as well as what makes her most nervous.


Dileiny Rodriguez

Julian, 10 and Kingsley, 7 months

A few words that best describe you.
Creative, trendy, loyal, sweet and passionate

How did you pick the name for your son?
My hubby comes from an adopted mother who found her biological mother after 60 years. Her last name is Kingsley, we wanted to honor them and their story of finding each other after all those years.

What’s your go-to color right now?
Black! I just had a baby, so black hides any imperfections, giving me more confidence when I'm out and about.

As a busy mom on-the-go, what don’t you leave home without?
My diaper bag and cell phone!

What are some things we can find in your bag right now?
Burp cloths are a must, change of clothes for baby and sometimes an extra tee for me! Chapstick, water, diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer and obviously baby bottles and formula.

What qualities do you look for in your perfect diaper bag?
Lots of room and places for my personal belongings!

How do you use the Jane Tote in your everyday life?
I had registered for two bags got them personalized with Kingsley's initials and I thought I would get a ton more use out of them. The second I got my Jane Tote, the other diaper bags just hang in the closet. The bag is a perfect size for all I have to carry, I especially love the separation for my personal things like my wallet and a stick of lip gloss. It stays really clean, even when I'm playing outside with Kingsley in the dirt. The metal feet definitely help keep it clean since it lifts it up off the ground. I love how it can be hands-free with the included messenger straps so I can wear it more casually cross-body style. All my mom friends comment on my bag not only because it's aesthetically pleasing, but they see how convenient and busy mom-friendly it is.

What excites you the most about motherhood?
The growing bond that I share with my boys is most exciting. Seeing Kingsley's face light up when I walk in the room, that undeniable love that is shared.

What makes you most nervous about motherhood?
I don't ever want my kids to feel like they can't come to me with anything. It makes me nervous that if they ever go through something and feel like they can't share it with me. As much as I try to discipline them I don't want them to be afraid of me, I just hope to be balancing it all.

What’s your go-to family recipe?
My go-to family recipe is really simple and it's a super traditional Dominican meal of Plantains with either fried cheese or salami. It's the quickest and heartiest meal for lunch or dinner. I'm not the greatest of cooks, so it's my go-to because you really can't mess that up!

What are some of your favorite places to go with Kingsley?
Anything outdoors! Even if we go out to eat, if we can sit outside it's key. He seems to be on his best behavior when nature surrounds him.

What’s the best piece of motherhood advice you’ve received?
The best advice I received as a mother was, "The laundry can wait." We get so caught up in cleaning and maintaining the household that sometimes we need to just let the laundry wait, relax, enjoy the cup of coffee without rushing to the next thing, spend time with the kids. The chores can wait.

Tell me about your blog. Where do you hope to take it in the future?
My blog touches on anything and everything that inspires, troubles or challenges me. My best posts have come from very real places in my life. I've talked about how to feel like a better mother and person, I've talked about my insecurities. I've shared poetry and stories about friends and family that inspire me. And of course, I always share style tips and outfits along with the stories. I started my blog because I wanted to wrap up my love of writing and style into one place. I hope to continue meeting and collaborating with brands and people. I hope to help women stylistically and one day be able to make this my full time job. With my passion and persistence, I will get there.

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