How do I care for my bag?

For simple spot cleaning, use a soft, damp cloth with mild, neutral soap in a circular motion. Test the solution first on a less visible area of the bag and let dry fully before proceeding. Repeat if residual soap remains. Wipe down the entire nylon outside to avoid leaving a water spot. Allow to air dry completely. For tougher stains, please take your bag to a professional dry cleaner.

In the event the fabric sustains a large amount of water, immediately blot with a dry white or light-colored cloth and allow to dry completely.

DO NOT WASH in the washer; never immerse your bag in water, as the water-resistant coatings can be washed away in the washer and the cotton quilting will deteriorate.


Can I wash my memory foam changing pad?

We recommend spot cleaning the changing pad over all other cleaning methods, however, if you must wash it, following these steps may help maintain the integrity of the memory foam:

  • Hand wash with mild soap and cold water
  • Fold up and gently press to squeeze out excess water; do not wring or twist
  • Dry on lowest setting for the shortest amount of time, checking back as needed


Why memory foam if you don't recommend washing it?

Memory foam is temperature-sensitive, softening up when in contact with body heat and absorbing motion to relieve pressure points. We wanted to create a cozy, healthy environment to keep your baby happy during diaper changes and found that memory foam was the best choice in terms of comfort and support.