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Article: Interview with Dikla Goren

Interview with Dikla Goren

Dikla Goren Dekel, Israeli mom and model in NYC, shares how she juggles three kids and her jetsetter life.

Yuli (6/21/11), Ori (6/19/14) and Romi (8/4/16)

A few words that best describe you.
An Israeli mom of 3 who lives in The Big Apple... before everything, I'm a mom! 

How would you describe your personal style?
Effortless. I love pieces that go with everything and are easy to mix and match and wear multiple times. 

What's your go-to color right now?
I wish you saw my wardrobe when I first moved from Israel to NYC 6 years ago, It was all about colorful pieces and flowy dresses, but now it's all about navy. It's amazing how the weather, the architecture, and the people around you can influence you.  

How long have you been blogging? Where do you hope to take it in the future?
Not too long ago, I definitely see myself participating in or hosting a tv show... maybe in Israel!

With Romi, you now have three kids! How do you find balance between work and family?
I work right after the kids leave for school and when Romi takes her nap... it's actually becoming so hard to do now since she is growing and her naps are getting really short. I will also cook in between work stuff so the kids have a fresh warm meal when they are back from school. Then, I will continue working after they go to sleep at night. Definitely not easy and I always feel like I'm juggling.

As a busy mom on-the-go, what don’t you leave home without?
Keys and diapers! Those are the essentials and the rest you can find while you're out, even wipes! New moms won't relate but I bet all the 3rd time moms will :) 

What are some things we can find in your baby bag right now?
Lip gloss, credit cards, zero cash and dirty wipes and dirty tissues that I forgot... a real mom's purse! lol

How do you use your HAPP diaper bag for you and your 3 kids?
I think it's important as women not to sacrifice our sense of style after we have kids. As moms, we are so used to putting our kids before ourselves that it's easy to lose our sense of style. My HAPP Brand diaper bag is that perfect balance of maintaining my pre-baby fashion sense while keeping it practical for the kids, you'd never know it was a diaper bag by looking at it! 

What’s your go-to family recipe?
Shakshooka, our Sunday brunch favorite. You can’t go wrong with fresh tomatoes and onions slow cooked and sunny side eggs on the top... you just need fresh Challah bread next to it. It’s the best! 

What’s a great restaurant in New York that your kids also love?
12 Chairs in Soho! The best Mediterranean and Israeli food in NYC. The food is clean, delicious, and reminds me of home! They have great Shakshooka, salads, hummus, pita bread (important), and the kids love the schnitzel!   

Describe your perfect day in NYC.
A Sunday with 75 degree weather, both my husband and I take the kids on the strollers to the playground, eating lunch outside in a sunny spot with a glass of Rosè, walking to the best ice cream factory in Dumbo, watching the sunset, and heading back home.  

What do you love most about living in New York?
The people, the vibe, the endless looks, and the energy.

What’s the best piece of motherhood advice you’ve received?
The best motherhood advice I ever received was to appreciate all the little moments during the day. Since motherhood isn't easy and sometimes we juggle so many things, I feel like it's really easy to forget... but I'm trying to enjoy the simple moment, to truly listen to my kids and breath. 

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