Model, Mother and Author Tinamarie Clark Loves the Levy for Her NYC Lifestyle

Tinamarie Clark (@tinamarieclark) is a model, mother, and now author of The Shift Stirrer Method— a five-step mindfulness method to "transform negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs into more empowering ones." Her mission is to inspire women to connect deeper to themselves and others by helping guide them to access difficult emotions. Tinamarie uses the Levy Backpack in Black and loves it for her New York lifestyle. "I love how easily the Levy Backpack transitions throughout my day: I take it on my walks with Max in the morning as diaper bag, use it as a regular purse when we're out shopping, and to the gym for my workouts. It's perfect for New York since it looks like a regular handbag so I don't need to keep switching between bags while we're out all day."

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