Rochelle Johnson on her Paige, "Why Should My Bag Not Go with Things I Wear"

Rochelle Johnson (@iambeauticurve) isn't afraid to wear what she loves and hopes to inspire women to do the same and have fun with fashion. Before becoming a mom, she promised herself that she wouldn't let her personal style wither. "Before Creed came along, I made a little vow that my style and chicness (if that’s a word) would not diminish because of my mom status! I have always tried to stay on the cutting edge of baby/mommy products. Of course with a baby comes the quintessential baby bag. I thought for the longest that I would carry one of my handbags just because there wasn’t a lot out there that was cute enough to carry around with me everyday. HAPP makes diaper bags stylish, yet functional. It holds everything I need for Creed and is still chic enough to complete this look. It’s super soft and lightweight. Plus, the fabric is easy to clean, so your bag can always looks new. Did I mention how roomy it is?

Some people ask why I chose a pink bag and I have a son. My response: He’s not the one carrying the bag, I am. Why should my bag not go with things I wear?

So happy that I got my bag. If you’re in the market for one, you should definitely check them out. Also, this is THE perfect shower gift! You will be up for God-parent consideration, for sure!" Rochelle has the Paige Carryall in Dusty Rose.

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