Quigley Goode, "Cutest Diaper Bags of Any Brand I've Found Out There"

Quigley Goode (@officiallyquigley) has always thought outside the box and had an intense passion to create. Describing her style as a mix between “Art Teacher Chic” or “Glam-ma" (i.e. Glamorous Grandma), she is intent on inspiring women of all ages to take risks with their personal style - from quirky hats, to mixing prints, to bold lip colors. And now that Quigley is a mom, motherhood fashion was something she was excited to explore. "I had no idea they made mama gear this cute, but HAPP has the freakin' cutest diaper bags and accessories of any brand I've found out there! It's insane." Quigley has the Levy Backpack in Ash Blue and Black and the Paige Carryall in Black.

Quigley showing her HAPP Black Collection

Quigley giving a tour of her Levy

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