Popsugar: "The Best Diaper Backpacks You Can Buy"


"You know what's glamorous about having an infant? You guessed it: absolutely nothing! Babies are adorable creatures who light up your life, but they're also tiny spit-up machines who require several pounds of bulky gear to step foot outside the front door.

That's why when I mused about buying myself a nice handbag for my birthday (which fell a few weeks before my due date), my mother snorted. She reminded me that my primary means of carrying objects for the next several years would be a hefty diaper bag. This wasn't what I wanted to hear. Of course, I had already stocked up on a top-rated option from Amazon, but it was rather utilitarian. Surely I could carry the baby's bag on one arm and a Mansur Gavriel Pleated Bucket Bag with my personal affects on the other arm?

Ah, how naive I was! The last thing I want when I'm headed out with my now 5-month-old daughter is an extra anything to carry. Enter the most beautiful piece of baby-related swag I'd ever seen: the Happ Brand diaper bag.

Happ Brand can be summed up by this simple tagline (which I've stolen from one of its product descriptions): "Mom but make it fashion." The Los Angeles-based company boasts four main models: a backpack, a carryall, a mini carryall, and a fanny pack. The color options — dusty rose, black, and the newly introduced ash blue — are kid-friendly but sophisticated. The fact that Happ's selection isn't too wide is a plus in my book; it means the brand has perfected a few tried-and-true models.

These bags are extremely usable. There are pockets galore to house bottles, extra socks, pacifiers, and whatever your baby's heart desires. There are large slots for changing pads (sold separately), compartments for teething toys, and extradeep side pockets for diapers. The cushioned straps feel like little clouds on my shoulders, and though the bags are large, they're not bulky or heavy — even the large models weigh in at less than two pounds.

And yes, they're more beautiful than a bag carrying spit-up cloths has any right to be. The nylon fabric, stitched into a trademark herringbone pattern, feels luxurious. The gold hardware looks expensive. The colors are muted and, dare I say, soothing. One might not even know these are diaper bags if not for the child inevitably also hanging off of you. They are the perfect accessory for parents who want to bring a touch of fashion into their day, without sacrificing function.

Take a look at the full catalog ahead, and please have a moment of silence for my old diaper bag, which will be living out the rest of its days in the back of my closet."

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