Denise Vasi on Maed, "What's In My Diaper Bag?"


Diaper Bag Essentials: What’s in My Diaper Bag?

I’d be lying if I said that taking my daughter out way back when I was a first-time mama didn’t give me anxiety. One of my constant worries was that I would forget the very one thing we would need or she would want. So my solution was to bring everything. And by everything, I, of course, mean that I brought two of everything. Everything! But these days, I’m much more practical about what I pack in my diaper back. Not only because I’m a veteran mama, but also because I can’t lug around unnecessary items while trying to juggle both my four-year-old toddler and my newborn.

Below, you’ll find my current list of diaper bag essentials.


The Bag
The very first diaper bag I bought, I bought purely based on the brand name and popularity. Then, I boughthigh-end designer diaper bags, leather diaper bags (don’t do this, the leather adds unnecessary weight), and I even turned non-diaper bags into diaper bags by using this insert.

This time around, though, I wanted something cute, but more than that, I wanted something practical and functional. I decided to go with this Happ brand diaper bag. The nylon material means the bag is not only incredibly lightweight but that it’s also super easy to clean.

I chose the “levy backpack” because of its versatility and the different, chic ways you can rock it. Although I loved the dusty rose color, I chose the bag in black because the wear and tear on a black diaper bag is always less visible.

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